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We are always looking for talented individuals to join our QBC Family. Discover our many opportunities to build your career in constructions and other skilled trades. Check out the areas of expertise QBC offers below and apply for the one that best fits your goals.

Areas of Expertise

Rough Framing Carpenters are in charge of constructing the framework of a building which includes walls, floors and roofs. Vital duties are allocated to this role as it forms the foundation of the entire building. While no formal education is needed for newcomers, Framers need to be strong enough to lift and carry heavy lumber and plywood sheets, read and interpret blueprints and sketches, as well as have an understanding in basic math functions and utilizing fractions.

A Closer Look – QBC Rough Framers 

Everything starts with our QBC Rough Framers, meaning everything depends on their hard work. Motivated newcomers will experience hands-on learning while actively working on new exciting developments. Discover in detail below:

  • Skillfully learn how to use the various types of equipment and tools needed safely and efficiently to construct the building
    • Beginning with understanding the variety of tool and material knowledge
  • Learning all the components of building exterior and interior walls
  • Assembling floor and roof systems, including installing prefabricated trusses and sheeting
  • Assembling balconies
  • Installation of windows and doors
  • Installation stairs
  • Putting final details on building to prepare it for mechanicals and drywall

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Finish Carpenters provide the finishing interior touches after the primary building frame is completed. These finishes include: cabinetry, doors, stairs, moulding, baseboards, hardware and even more. It requires a creative and precise hand, with work varying from job to job.

A Closer Look – QBC Finish Carpenter

The QBC Trim Team get to work immediately preparing the site, then move on to installing a wide variety of material and hardware, and finish off the interior based upon any other specifications by the contractor and developer. Discover the various processes in detail below:

  • Unloading and shaking out material, hardware, etc.
  • Installation of cabinetry per floor
  • Hanging and casing doors as well as installing base
  • Specialty installations which include:
    • Interior doors and hardware (ex. Bi-folding doors, bi-pass doors, pocket doors)
    • Bath accessories (ex. Towel bars and rings, rob hooks, toilet paper holders, shower rods)
    • Unit entries and corridor doors which require specialty hardware(ex. spring hinges, door closers,  drop down sweeps over threshold)
  • Installation of stairs, which include a variety of hardware and materials which includes:
    • Skirt moulding, handrail and wood wall caps
    • Carpet or stair tread finishes
  • Other specialties per contractor or developer’s desire

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The Countertop team is a well engineered and organized group that handles the fabrication and installation of natural stone surfaces and fabricated tops at a large scale level. Their services include: handling, cutting, organizing, installing and setting of stone countertops and other stone surfaces. They utilize a wide variety of technical machinery, and require a mix of talent and skill to craft stone to create extraordinary spaces.

A Closer Look – QBC Countertops

The QBC Countertop Crew provides different facets of production. They begin by preparing  the stone to the building’s requirements, and then move onto installing and setting the stone on site. Discover in detail below:

  • Unloading and inspection of stone slabs and fabricated tops
  • Arranging and templating the slab to required countertop dimensions of project
  • Utilizing a large water jet machine to cut the slab including:
    • Cutting pieces to fit countertop dimensions
    • Cut-outs for sinks, cook tops, faucet holes, etc.
  • Seaming, sealing and finishing countertops to prepare for installation.
  • Organizing countertop pieces and transporting them to site
  • Fitting, adjusting and attaching countertops in place with high grade epoxy

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Learning Opportunities

Learn with QBC! QBC offers everyone who is interested in construction and other skilled trades opportunities to explore their passions and get real world experience in their desired fields. 

Discover Working At QBC


Learn and master skills and techniques that will help you thrive in the industry. Through hands-on training and mentorship from industry experts, newcomers gain a comprehensive education and experience in construction. QBC aims to help all employees feel confident in their knowledge and practice of construction, so that they can go forth to share their unique talents with the world. 


Being a part of QBC means being a part of the family here. Our crew is filled with enthusiastic and reliable individuals eager to support the team with their unique talents and skills. The bonds our QBC Crew share are instrumental in creating a welcoming and warm work environment. 


QBC is committed to the success of our employees. We strive to create a clear path to success, rewarding our crew members based on their hardworking efforts rather than seniority or level. Through effective leadership seminars, our future leaders learn how to be effective and authentic industry leaders, and to attain the goals they’ve set out for themselves. 


Safety is at the core of all we do here. QBC works endlessly to ensure there are proper safety policies in place and that everyone is informed about their role in creating a safer workplace. 

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