Matthew Uebersetzig, Vice President of QBC LLC, has 25 years experience in the construction industry and almost 20 years in project management expertise. Matthew helps oversee Multi-family construction projects for QBC in South Central Wisconsin.  Mr. Uebersetzig helped start the first of several Quest companies in 1998, and has been instrumental in expanding the Quest name over the years to include a general contracting company, a trim labor division, and a property management company, with a total employee base of more than 70 employees. Matt’s focus in recent years has been on developing strong relationships with general contractors and staying up-to-date with the ever-changing building codes and project requirements that have taken place during that time. This includes staying on top of OSHA regulations. Because of Matt’s expertise in these matters, he often gets involved in the early stages of construction projects, collaborating on design and value-engineering issues to help builders and developers find ways to reduce costs while still satisfying client expectations in this highly competitive economy. In addition to Operations Management, Matt is also in charge of project acquisition and monthly sales projections and is focused on building strong relationships with both existing and prospective clients to foster significant growth at Quest Building Corp.